To respond the “union house” program by Labor Federation recently, Cai Lay district Labor Federation launched to implement then helping poor workers in the district to work and live in peace and contentment.

03 07 2017 A
Delivery of “union house” for poor workers

With the goal of grassroots level, the program "union house" has helped timely and practically poor families of members

Recently, the Labor federation of Cai Lay district held a delivery ceremony "Union house" for Mr. Nguyen Van Tri who is a union member of Nhat Toan private enterprise.

According to statistics, up to now, the district has built and handed over 47 "union houses" for union members. Based on the results of actual appraisal, the works of "Union house" meet good quality, ensuring solidity. The results thank to the support of enterprises and union members.

Mr Nguyen Duc Kien, Chairman of the District Labor Federation, said: "In the past few years, the District Labor Federation has paid much attention to the life of the union members. Each “union house” is the solidarity, caring and sharing for poor members. Then this also helps union members to work with a high productivity. Agencies, enterprises and union members contributed to this result.


AuthorPham Thi Ngoc Chon    Translator: Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa 

( - In the investment promotion of visit Japan, on July 5th, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the meeting with big businesses and investors.


19 06 2017 B

The seminar held by Plan and Investment Ministry and Vietnam Joint stock commercial bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank) and Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) of Japan. Participants in the seminar are Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc and representatives of leading trade marks and groups of Japan in high tech, electromagnetic, oil, finance, trading and retail dealers such as Canon, Panasonic, Nipro Corporation... The meaning of the seminar is to receive sugesstions or opinions from Japanese investors in order to solve problems and difficulties in investment; that also contributes to economic development policy of Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc highly appreciated proposals relating to interior production in Vietnam; promotion of infrastructure development.

He also assumed that this is a good occasion of clement weather, favorable terrain and concord among people for Japanese investors to invest in Vietnam and welcome Japanese enterprises. He requested departments to create favorable conditions for Japanese. Vietnam has available items for Japanese business to be interested in such as national infrastructure, private public projects (PPP) in finance, banking, insurance, reproduction energy, privatization of state-owned enterprises. In electrical field, Vietnam shall sell the shares of 3 general companies of power generation in 3 regions.  

2017 is the fifth year of performing Notice no. 77-TB/TW dated Feb 24, 2012 on report of worker month by Secretariat of the XI Party Central Committee.

Performing the Notice no.77-TB/TW, 5 past years, Provincial Labor Federation launched the annual worker month in Tan Huong Industrial Park (Chau Thanh District) with more than 5.000 workers. This event organizes activities of labor law, social insurace, unemployment insurance, safe traffic, safe security. Labor union offered 165 union house, 1.586 gifts for poor labors with total over VND 2 billion.

Mr. Le Minh Hung, Deputy Chairman of Tien Giang labor federation said that more than 600 workers and staffs attended the event. Provincial labor federation combined with labor and social welfare service ministry, health ministry, provincial police to hold an industrial safety and hygiene contest, fire fighting. There were more than 400 contestants of 84 teams attending.

Besides, workers’ expectation and thoughts have been interested in. On May 11, provincial labor federation and People’s committee held program “Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee meets Tien Giang laborers”. Chairman Le Van Huong understood laborers’ expectation and brought solutions  on working time, food quality, spirit life of workers through the meeting.

Business labor union and employer held 276 meetings with more than 60.000 workers. The purpose of the meeting is to deal with troubles, to set up labor relationship, to avoid the conflict of labor.

Mr. Le Minh Hung said that district labor union organized a political activity for members, labors and staffs about the meaning of international labor day, congress of labor union and promotion of labor law, safe traffic, safe security ....


AuthorPham Thi Ngoc Chon              Translator: Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa

On May 31, Mr. Le Van Huong, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee and heads of departments visited and worked with 4 enterprises in local area including Taekwang Vina Industrial joint stock company - My Tho Branch, Heneiken Vietnambeer Co.,ltd - Tien Giang, breeding C.P Vietnam joinstock company - Tien Giang Branch and Tien Giang Food company.

19 06 2017 A

Mr. Le Van Huong, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee visited  and work at Taekwang Vina Industrial Company - My Tho Branch

The representatives highly appreciated the instruction, operation and accompany of Tien Giang Government that supported enterprises past time. At the meeting, production and business situation and proposals, suggestions were reported by enterprises.

Taekwang Vina Industrial Company - My Tho Branch proposed to lease the road between SD Company and Duhal Company (in Trung An Industrial Cluster); to continue to use the parking area outside the company; to prevent flood; to install flight system in Trung An Cluster; to support enterprises in recruitment. Heneiken Vietnam beer - Tien Giang desired to be supported by provincial to widen the business. Tien Giang food company proposed to be supported to establish a co-operative...

Mr. Le Van Huong evaluated highly proposal of businesses in socio - economic development of locality. He also admited suggestions and showed that the problems has being and been solved by provincial. If the matters go beyond provincial’s authority, they shall be submitted to Ministry.

He said that point of view of the leaders is to care, listen, share and follow with enterprises to overcome difficulties, challenges, to ever-improve  the competitive ability and development.


AuthorPham Thi Ngoc Chon    Translator: Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa 

To improve the environmental business, to strengthen the competitive ability in period of 2017 to 2020, General customs department issued the Decree no.737/QĐ-TCHQ on plan to perform the resolution 19-2017/NQ-CP in adminstrative reform and customs mordernization in order to create favorable conditions and to reduce customs clearance over the border, to save the time and cost for businesses. The customs department strives for reducing time of customs clearance until end of 2017. It is 70 hours for export goods and 90 hours for import goods. In the end of 2020, time shall be reduced under 60 hours for export goods and 80 hours for import goods.

    Collector:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa  Translator :  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa  

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