May 29, 2018, Doan Gioi Secondary School held a ceremony of 2017-2018 year-end sumation. During the closing ceremony, Mr. Tang Zhen Yu - Deputy General Director of Long Jiang Industrial Park Development Co.,Ltd. has awarded 10 “Long Jiang scholarships  to students.

This scholarship is being presented by Long Jiang during the past 8 years. This expresses Long Jiang’s  interest for the development of education in Tien Giang Province.

LJ Trao Qua Hoc Bong

Mr. Tang Zhen Yu has awarded  “Long Jiang scholarships  to students.

AuthorPham Thi Ngoc Chon    Translator: Pham Thi Ngoc Chon

On May 29th 2018 Scancom Vietnam Factory was issued the Investment Certificate No. 9883297772 by TIZA signed.

Scancom Vietnam Factory specializes in production Aluminium furniture frame process. Capital investment of the projiect is 7.955.158,16 USD, leasing area of 19.999,65 m2. This project is expected to start operation on May 2019.

After operating, Scancom Vietnam Factory will contribute to improving the local socio-econemic development.

AuthorPhạm Thị Ngọc Chơn    Translator: Pham Thi Ngoc Chon

In the morning of Feb 1st, 2018, with the support Tien Giang Fatherland Front, Tien Giang Industrial Zone Authority (TIZA), Tan Phuoc District and other departments, Long Jiang IP offered gifts difficult families on Tet occasion 2018. Attending the event, there are presence of TIZA, representatives of Tan Phuoc District, local representative and head of enterprises in Long Jiang IP and more than 500 families. Tan Phuoc District has around 900 difficult families, in which Long Jiang and enterprises in Long Jiang contributed 500 gifts (equal 150 million vnd), accounting for 55%. Mr. Yu Suo, General Director of Long Jiang IPD was on behalf to present and be grateful head of province, local and people who supported Long Jiang. At the same time, he also thanked for charity of enterpries like JL, Hailiang, Yegin, Fang Zheng, Jiangnan, Yongxing, Hong Phi, Apache, Sanqi, Honoroad company...

Long Jiang’s charity operation had been made in past 10 years. This is the appreciation and valuation in helping difficult families to get a happy Tet holiday.

phat qua tet 1

Mr. Yu Suo - General Director - offered gifts difficul families

phat qua tet 2

Local difficult people received gifts

AuthorPhạm Thị Ngọc Chơn    Translator: Nguyen Tran Thai HoaDate02/02/2018

OnJan 13th 2018Teng Yuan Wire (Viet Nam) Co.,Ltd held a formal groundbreaking ceremony. There were presence of representatives of enterprises. The project manufactures kinds of stainless steel with total investment of is USD 10 Milllion, area is 2ha and total production of is USD 45 Milllion.

After operating, Teng Yuan Wire (Viet Nam) Co.,Ltd will contribute to improve the local socio-economic development.

Dong Tho TengYuan

Groundbreaking ceremony of Teng Yuan Wire (Viet Nam) Co.,LTD in Long Jiang Industrial Park

AuthorPhạm Thị Ngọc Chơn    Translator: Pham Thi Ngoc Chon

Currently, Long Jiang Industrial Park has attracted more than 37 investment projects with total area of 257ha equal to 70% of area, of which 23 are in operation, in the strong development, the demand for power of the factory increasingly speed up.

With the support and assistance of leaders of Tien Giang Provincial People's Committee, as well as Tan Phuoc and Chau Thanh District along with the support and cooperation of the Southern Power Corporation, Tien Giang Power Company and other agencies, On November 29, 2017, the 110KV of Long Jiang Power Station was officially licensed by the Southern Electricity Corporation to be put into operation for the purpose of supplying electricity to enterprises in IP.

In order to supply high quality power service to enterprises. Long Jiang IPD overcome many difficulties, invest big amount of capitals to install the 110KV power station. The project shall improve stability of power and decrease damages caused by power cut unexpectedly.

tram 110

110KV station of Long Jiang IP and Mr. Cao Minh Tam – Head of TIZA visited the power station

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