In the afternoon of October 10, 2017, Russian Consulate General - Mr. Popov Alexey Vladimirovich had visited Long Jiang Industrial Park - Tien Giang Province for surveying the investment environment in Tien Giang as well as in Long Jiang.

dai su quan nga

The view of the visit of Russian Consulate General in Long Jiang IP

        At the office of Long Jiang, there were Mr. Cao Minh Tam - Head of TIZA, Mr. Weng Ming Zhao - Chairman of Long Jiang IPD Co.,Ltd, Mr. Tang Zhen Yu - Deputy General Director of Long Jiang IPD Co.,Ltd attending the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Weng Ming Zhao - Chairman of Long Jiang introduced the achievements of ten past years and responded all questions by Mr. Popov Alexey Vladimirovich. Informations were exchanged such as: welfare policy for employee, projects in Long Jiang IP, Long Jiang calls investment for industry with high technology, protect environment...

Mr. Popov Alexey Vladimirovich was appreciated highly the development of Tien Giang in general and Long Jiang IP in particular. Furthermore, he also expressed the practical meaning of visit which promotes strongly the economic relationship between two countries Vietnam - Russia. 

The visit had succesfful finished.

AuthorPham Thi Ngoc Chon              Translator:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa

General Department of Taxation sent document to local tax department in guidance of VAT tax refund on the Tax Management System, especially tax refund documents.

In process of settling tax refund documents, the tax department shall determine which have met the conditions for refund or which have not met requirements for refund shall be inspected.

The tax office shall immediately handle the tax refund for amount which already fully meet requirements and it is fully updated into TMS application as prescribed. The remaining amount that is not eligible for refund, need to be inspected and will be saved in the column: “considered".

For the remaining tax amount, after the inspection, if the conditions for refund are met, the tax department shall not request taxpayers to re-submit the dossiers of request for refund, but they have to do by themselves and update the original document of tax payer's profile on the QHS system, the support system displays the request for refund of the original file with the amount the column "consider". The tax department shall continue to process tax refunds for TMS application as prescribed.

In cases that a decision on tax refund is made for taxpayers under various tax refund orders, the General Department of Taxation shall request the tax department to make and update the TMS system for each refund order to monitor the tax refund for taxpayers according to regulation. The remaining balance will be shown in the column: remaining balance"at the tab: refund information".

The total amount on refund orders must be no higher than the amount on the refund decision.

Người viết :  Phan Anh Thơ     Người dịch: Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa

Receiving the invitation of Industry & Commerce Ministry of Vietnam, Mrs. Cao Yen - Deputy Minister of Trading Ministry leading the econmic delegation to visit Vietnam; Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh - Deputy Minister of Industry & Commerce Ministry resided the 10th meeting of Vietnam - China economic cooperation Committee in the afternoon of September 28, 2017 in Hanoi.


The 10th meeting of Vietnam - China economic cooperation Committee

At the meeting, two parties had reviewed economic cooperation situation between two countries, simultanously, exchanged deeply about economy, trading, industry which both are interested in. Two parties are glad to realize that Vietnam - China relationship is going on developing strongly, the turnover of import is although high, it is decreasing. China is the trade biggest partner of Vietnam. Vietnam is also be the trade biggest partner of China in Asean and be the 9th trade partner of China in the world.

The 10th meeting of Vietnam - China economic copperation committe had occured in a friendship, honest and straight atmosphere and get nice results. Two parties assumed to strengthen the cooperation among ministries, departments to solve problems, to contribute nicely in strategic cooprative partner relationship between two countries.


Two parties signed the minutes of 10th meeting of Vietnam - China economic cooperation committee

According to:

Collector:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa  Translator :  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa  

On Sep 11, 2017, at Huu Nghi international border gate, Lang Son province, permanent Deputy Primister Truong Hoa Binh had announced traffic opening of freight transport at international border gate of Huu Nghi (Vietnam) - Huu Nghi Quan (China).

thong xe1

Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh and representatives cut the inauguration band for traffic opening at international Huu Nghi - Huu Nghi Quan border gate

This is an important event strengthening relationship of trade and business cooperation between Lang Son and Guang Xi. At once, it shall contribute into the global strategic partner relationship between Vietnam and China. Besides, the event shall also create important basics for enterprises to exchange trading, import and export, to grow turnovers between Vietnam - China and ASEAN area.   

According to:


        Collector:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa  Translator :  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa  

On September 12, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh and Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of China Truong Cao Le and leaders of ASEAN countries attended the opening ceremony of China-ASEAN trading exhibition (CAEXPO) and Conference of the 14th China-Asean Business and Investment Summit (CABIS) in China.

ảnh 1

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh visited Trung Quan Thon High Tech Zone

In the exhibition, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh expressed that China - Asean Exhibition was an important event on 50 years anniversaryof Asean establishment; it mentioned the advantages for the cooperation between Asean and China; it also affirmed that China - Asean Exhibition and China - Asean Business and Investment Summit Conference contributed to the growth of Asean - China strategic partner relationship. Vietnam always appreciated the exhibitions.

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh introduced potentiality and determination of Vietnam to intergrate and contribute into common matters in area and global. He also said that Vietnam always appreciates and supports Asean - China cooperation; to be the bridge between Asean and China, together with Asean countries to promote the cooperation in peace, to offer solutions for the benefits of parties and for the growth and the prosperity in area.

Member of the standing committee of Political Ministry, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of China Truong Cao Le also expressed the importance of cooperation relationship with Asean, he simultanously proposed policies in future, especially to consolidate political belief for the cooperation in economic, human resource.


CollectorPham Thi Ngoc Chon        Translator:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa     

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