In the morning of July 12, 2017, Mr. Tran Thanh Duc - Vice Chairman of Tien Giang People’s Committee and heads of departments: Tien Giang Industrial Zone Authority (TIZA), Investment and Plan department, Provincial People’s Committee Office... visited and worked with Long Jiang IP. Representatives of Long Jiang, Mr. Weng Ming Zhao - President of Board of Directors, Mr. Yu Suo - General Director, Mr. Tang Zhen Yu - Deputy General Director etc., had welcomed the delegation at the company meeting room. The delegation listened to Long Jiang IP’s report about current situation and other existing difficulties as well.

At the meeting, Mr. Tran Thanh Duc - Vice Chairman of People’s Committee said: Long Jiang has become a key industrial park in Tien Giang province, Provincial People’s Committee highly appreciated the success of Long Jiang in past 10 years. In future, the provincial government will strengthen the support for Long Jiang IP development, especially attract  investment.       Regarding existing problems of the industrial park, Tien Giang provincial government as well as relevant departments will strongly cooperate with enterprises to timely resolve problems, to provide convenience for the IP development. Tien Giang Government cooperate with Long Jiang to get Long Jiang to become a leading typical industrial park.

After the meeting, the delegation made a practical trip around the industrial park, and they also highly appreciated the infrastructure in Long Jiang


24 07 2017 b1

Mr. Tran Thanh Duc - Deputy Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee

24 07 2017 b2

Mr. Yu Suo - General Director of Long Jiang IP  

24 07 2017 b3

Leaders of Tien Giang Province and Board of Director of Long Jiang IP

  AuthorNguyen Thi Nhan Thao   Translator :    Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa   

On July 12, 2017, Vice Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung, Acting for Director of World Bank in Vietnam Sebastian Eckardt and General Director of Custom department Nguyen Van Can pressed the button to operate officially Vietnam Trading Informatin Portal (VTIP).

Vietnam Trading Information Portal is to provide enterprises one-door information portal on regulations and procedures for import and export. The address of portal:

24 07 2017 A

Opening ceremony

The portal was set up by General department of Customs with the suppport from World Bank Group in Vietnam. The portal shall increase the easy forecast and clearance in trading regulations that helps domestic and foreign investors to approach Vietnamese trade law quickly.

According to : ( )

Collector:  Nguyen Thi Nhan Thao Translator :  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa 

Mr. Tran Van Nhan, Deputy of District People’s Committee sent letters to departments, enterprises, kind people in and out district to invite donation “fund for child protection” in order to care, educate and protect children, to help poor children to overcome the difficulties, to become a good person.

03 07 2017 C

The ceremony “Month for children” in 2017 in Tan Phuoc District

On this occasion, Long Jiang IPD Co.,Ltd donated VND 10 million to “fund for child protection”. This is the one of activities Long Jiang attended past years.

From this, it showed that many disable and poor children or orphans ... are supported and took care more in life.

AuthorPham Thi Ngoc Chon              Translator:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa

On June 23, in the evening, in Tien Giang conference center, Mr. Le Van Huong, Deputy of provincial party committee secretary, President of Tien Giang People’s Committee presided the meeting with enterprise the second time in 2017. Participants are Mr. Le Van Nghia, Provincial Deputy People’s Committee, heads of departments, People’s Committee of districts and cities and more than enterprises. Representatives of Long Jiang are Mr. Weng Ming Zhao - President and Mr. Tang Zhen Yu - Deputy General Director.

03 07 2017 B

Mr. Le Van Huong, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee presided the meeting with enterprises the second time in 2017

At the meeing, representative of Ministry of Plan and Investment reported the result on difficulties of businesses and informations of social economic development in 6 early months of years. Then, enterprises’ petitions in 4 previous conferences were instructed by Provincial People’s Committee to implement. With regard to macroscopic policy, it is also suggested to central authority.

The petitions mainly are: to recruit hardly laborers with skilled; to recollect the original copy of land using right certificate; to remedy bad smell of Tong Wei that influence to other businesses in Tan Huong Industrial park (Chau Thanh District); to strengthen safe security in Industrial parks; to reorganzie transporting passenger; to create conditions in supply power, water, traffic... to promplty meet the requirements of production and business.

After receiving the reflex and suggestions of enterprises, representatives of departments replied directly at the meeting and promised to support enterprises to solve difficult issues.

Mr. Le Van Huong, Chairman of People’s Committee, said that developing enterprise is a determination, desired investors to work long time in Tien Giang. He showed that Tien Giang People’s Committee had received opinions from enterprises and assigned to departments to solve difficult issues and to create favorable condition for enterprsies to operate more successfully and got some good results.

For difficult issues of Long Jiang and enterprises in Industrial Park, Provincial Chairman assigned departments to solve promptly.


CollectorPham Thi Ngoc Chon          Translator:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa 

Recently, at Song Tien Hotel, Vietnam Social Insurance and Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social welfare held a conference of consulting and discuss about the social and unemployment insurance policy for more than 200 enterprises in Tien Giang.

Participants are representatives of Social Insurance department, Ministry of Labor, war invalids and social welfare and other related departments.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Duy Cuong, Deputy Director General of Social Insurance, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs disseminated the main contents of social insurance policy in accordance with the Law on Social Insurance (revised) in 2014; analysis of issues that need to be solved in social insurance policy, unemployment insurance; Occupational accidents and occupational disease policies under the Employment Law for employees and employers in enterprises.

The conference also received, explained, counseled and discussed directly the concerns and difficulties of representatives of laborers in the process of implementation of social insurance and unemployment insurance policies for employees. Focus on the issues: sickness, maternity, occupational accidents; procedures increase, reduce labor; subjects, salary and social insurance contributions under the new regulations; Types of labor contracts; regulations on job title in the social insurance book; how to calculate the pension in accordance with the new regulations; retirement before 2018 is beneficial or unfavorable; problems in paying social insurance book, participating in household health insurance ...

In conclusion, Mr. Nguyen Duy Cuong, Deputy Director General of Social Insurance, Ministry of Labor and war invalids and social affairs has acknowledged the opinions of delegates and also suggested enterprises in the process of implementation of social insurance policy to contact Social Insurance departments of district or province regularly to reflect the difficulties and problems in order to be solved promptly and not affect the interests of employees and enterprises.


CollectorPham Thi Ngoc Chon          Translator:  Nguyen Tran Thai Hoa 

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